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Color aftermath

     Welcome to the Land of Luminaria;

a monochromatic world filled with monsters and adventure! When danger looms, Team Pigment must rise to the occasion and save their world!


Warren LeGrande

     Warren is Fern's best friend and voice of reason. He follows her on her investigations to keep her out of trouble. Because he is so responsible, he is a great counselor, but the kids like Fern more because she is so outgoing.


     Prophesied to bring about the end of the world, Erik was kidnapped from Camp Firesong as a child. He grew up in a cult that worships a god named Lydia and used him in a ritual that fused him with its power. Having not interacted with anyone outside of his commune in almost 10 years, he becomes fascinated with Fern and her interest in the children's disappearance. 


Under the Lake

Camp Firesong

Abandoned Mansion


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